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Second album by Psytekk out on USTA...

Psytekk (Hanan Bitton) from Israel is back with his second album, as usual on underground Sound Of Tel-Aviv (USTA). His first album was quite dark, now he goes a lighter direction and follows the more clubby side of psytrance. But what’s up with this cover art...?

Psytekk "Space Syndrome" USTA 2005 (3501-2)

1. 7th Heaven
2. The Ice Maker
3. Crop Circles
4. Dream In Motion
5. The French Connection
6. Going Wild
7. Space Syndrome
8. Zombie Planet
9. Wonderland

The first track is the most clubby track on this album. Uplifting voices and very cheesy melodies. Something for the kids out there? Well, I’m sure it will hit a younger crowd, but this is not very psychedelic. Track 2 is a really hard pumping track. This sounds actually more like some hard trance club track, than psytrance, or should we say somewhere between? Another uplifting track. Club trance going in a full on direction... Track 3 goes better. Not as fluffy, but still clubby. A couple of the melodies sounds much better too. Track 4 has a quite massive, rolling bass line. Here we also get a little bit of guitar and in the middle of the track we get some kind of disco piano. A little bit weird, but mostly cheesy. Again, you get a very clubby vibe through it all.

Things get better in track 5. Here he puts most of the cheese aside the first half of the track, and things get better. A very drifting, massive track. You also get some guitar sounds in there, but not in the usual annoying way. The melody could have been a little bit more creative. The second half of the track is a little bit too clubby for my taste. Track 6 starts with the sound of an organ or something. Then we get thrown into a massive bass line and we get some jumpy melodies above. One of the best tracks on this album in my ears. Track 7 is a pumping, full on track. In the middle of the track we get a melody that reminds me way too much of hard house, which I hate... He has made this track together with another artist called Nameless (Oren Azulay), also from Israel. Track 8 is another pure club trance track again. So called uplifting melodies mixed with full on beats. The last track on this album goes the same direction. Jumpy ”happy” sounds and melodies. It is quite groovy, but the fluffy ingredients ruins it for me.

This guy sure has gone a much more clubby direction since his first album, which will probably result in good feedback from the younger crowds. But, I doubt this will please too many psytrance heads out there.

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