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New dark compilation out on Parvati Records in Denmark...

Parvati Records based in Denmark has got a very good reputation among the so called darkpsy fans out there. Their line up of artists is big in the night time scene, previously called names such as Russian style etc. This is the kind of trance that people has told us is so underground for several years now, but these days it seems like it has almost become the commercial part of the trance scene. Pretty funny how the scene changes, isn’t it? Take a look at this years line up at the Full Moon festival in Germany, and you will understand what I mean... Parvati has supported the dancing tribe in Goa as usual this winter, and is back with more dark stuff for those who prefer it scary.

Psychedelically Yours 3 (Parvati Records) 2005 (PRVCD08)

1. Jahbo – Audiodidakt
2. Phonic Request Vs. Akhoa – Early Reflections
3. Insane Behavior – Fix The Fluff
4. Ohm Gnome – Step Away From The Dwarf
5. Naked Tourist – Lunatic Asylum
6. Wizard Lizard – Dumping Physical Memory
7. Kindzadza – Back To the Future
8. Irie Vs. Spiralz – Baloo
9. Para Halu – Snake It Easy

You might wonder why these artists who has released so few tracks are so famous in this scene? That’s probably because most of the people listening to this kind of trance download their music, and there has been plenty of tracks by these artists floating around on the internet the last few years... Is it necessary more underground if people download instead of buying? Well, that’s another discussion... First out is Jahbo (Rølike Jahbo) from Denmark. Here we jump right into a dark, night time vibe. Monotonous rolling, quite flat bass line, with weird, strange, psychedelic sounds playing above. Not much melodies, just swirling weird sounds. This guy sure has a good ear for weird sounds, and I think this track is pretty cool, but I would prefer some more melodies. Track 2 is a collaboration between two French guys, Phonic Request (Wilfried Decaesteker) and Akhoa (O. Chapier). Phonic Request is known from releases on Magma and Mandragore Records. The bass line in this one sounds more massive, and we get slightly more variation. Pure night time, with a lot of twisted sounds going wild in there. You also get some scary movie themes. One of the best tracks on this compilation in my ears, because of the variation. Track 3 is by Insane Behavior (Bo Terkelsen) from Denmark, also known as one half of Meteloids. This one starts with a voice sample, before a rolling, monotonous bass line hits in and rolls through to the end. As usual with this darkpsy, you get some swirling sounds in there, but I missed some more creativity of sounds in this one. Still, quite massive and very intense. Track 4 is by a new name called Ohm Gnome, which is Insane Behavior in collaboration with another Danish guy named Jacob Skouborg, which is one half of Grapes Of Wrath. This one goes much more massive. Very intense, dark track. Also more groovy than most other darkpsy tracks these days.

Track 5 is by Naked Tourist (Z-Neo & Iguana) from Germany. They doesn’t give us much sign of light either. Here we get some crispy, funny sounds bubbling. We also get some metallic beats and quite monotonous rhythm drift. Scary laughter and evil sounds. Music that scares the shit out of people if they hear it at their first psytrance party... Track 6 is by Wizard Lizard (Roi Levi & Guy Marciano) from Israel, who has released a couple of tracks on Doof and Nabi Records. This is among the most intense tracks on this compilation. Pure evil madness for the night. Not tired yet? Track 7 is by one of the most known artists in the darkpsy scene, which is Kindzadza (Lev Greshsilov) from Russia. No rest here either. A heavy, fast (148bpm), pumping track that sort of builds up. Track 8 is by Irie (Robert Mellgren) who has released tracks on labels such as Spirit Zone, Uphonic and Stoneage Records. Here he has made a track together with a guy called Spiralz (C. Granstrom) somewhere in India. This track has almost nagging sounds. Very intense, but I missed some variation here. I actually become almost stressed out by listening to it... The last track on this compilation comes from Para Halu (Fekete Andras & Adam Hohmann) from Hungary. Here we get a pumping, dark monster of a track. Scary, almost mystic vibes. Something for the darkest moments in the night.

This is probably the best compilation Parvati Records has released so far. Their tracks doesn’t sounds as flat anymore, you get better production and you find more creativity in the tracks. Personally, I miss some moments in darkpsy where I can get the a breath of air. No time to rest here, just rolling through the night... Maybe these artists will learn to make some melodies one day too. That would be fun...

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