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Spliff Music releases the fourth album by Safi Connection...

Safi Connection (Mishel Bitton) from Israel is back with his fourth album, this time on his own label called Spliff Music. He has previously released albums on Shiva Space Technology, Arcadia Music and Spectrum Music. Here he gives us more melodic, full on trance.

Safi Connection "Figga Nigga" Spliff Music 2005 (SP1CD003)

1. Figga Nigga
2. Experimental Dose
3. Fullon String
4. Tarazan & JD Ė J
5. Analog Pussy Ė Future (Safiís Remix)
6. Laoolaoo
7. Vainish
8. Hentai
9. Solaric Seeds

The first track has the album title. Here we get a very typical Israeli full on sound, going the clubby direction as most Israeli trance artists seems to do these days. We get quite a lot of guitar sounds, some funny voice samples and easy digestible melodies. Not exactly my cup of tea. Track 2 starts with some kind of scary movie melody. Then the very clubby beat starts rolling and continues to the end. Also here, he throws some guitars in. The melody in this one sounds very much like an old computer game or something. Actually really funny melody, but itís a kind of track you get very tired of after a couple of listens. Actually really annoying, but itís got hit potential. Track 3 is another guitar track. Pumping beat, with monotonous guitar riffs above. The melodies sounds very easy digestible. This one goes a little bit more full on than the previous tracks. Track 4 starts a bit more atmospheric before we get thrown into the full on vibes again. This track is my favourite on this album, with a couple of funny voice samples and some kind of old school vibe. No guitars and less cheese, still we are in a very clubby territory here.

Track 5 is originally made by Analog Pussy, but here we get a remix by Safi Connection. This one starts with some twisted voice samples. The rhythm drift in this one is quite intense and the guitar sounds is back. I have said it before, and I say it again, Iím a bit tired of guitar samples like this in trance now. I see them more as annoying riffs. This track is a little bit darker than the other tracks on this album, but the vocals make it pretty cheesy. Track 6 goes more floating, still with a very clubby, almost housy sound. Track 7 starts with a drug sample. Quite stupid, and not very cool anymore in my opinion, but tracks like this seems to become big hits. Just take a look at 1200 Mics... This track has also got a very catchy melody, that I know has been quite a hit on various clubs this winter. Something that will hit the masses, especially in the younger crowds, but for me, it gets way too commercial sounding and easy digestible. Track 8 also starts with drug samples... The rest of the track is a little bit better, but goes totally clubby. Some parts reminds me a little bit of Infected Mushroom, and the crazy melody in there is pretty cool in some parts. The last track Mr. Bitton gives us on this album goes more atmospheric, but still very clubby, and the melody in this one sounds a bit easy.

Of all the clubby psytrance that has come out of Israel this winter, this is the most clubby I have heard so far. These tracks will for sure hit a younger crowd, but it will probably sound way too easy digestible for people who has followed psytyrance for a while. Sorry, but I prefer the older works by Safi Connection.

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