Report from Voov Experience 2003!

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Review by PK & Benedicte H
Photos by Benedicte H
We are back from Voov Experience in Germany with two reviews of the festival....

Review by PK:
Voov! My first Voov experience! Finally, after many years of not going to Voov, I had to take the trip to Germany to experience this crazy festival everybody has been telling me so much good about. On Thursday 7th of August, me and my friend Snille got on a buss from Oslo, Norway, and started our journey all the way down to the little town called Putlitz. We drove through the southern parts of Sweden, through Denmark, over to Germany and all the way to Berlin where we spent a few hours resting in a park. Then we took the festival bus from Berlin to Voov. After about 24 hours travelling, we finally reached the spot late in the evening Friday the 8th of August.

When we stepped out of the bus, it was like landing on a completely different planet! Everybody seemed really happy and excited, there were some lasers in the distance and we heard the sound of the first live act, which was Gangagiri from Australia. They played mostly live with didgeridoo etc. While listening to Gangagiri in the middle of the night, we found a nice little spot in a perfect distance from the progressive stage and put up our tents. We grabbed a beer, and went for the progressive stage. The psychedelic/full on stage was not opened before Saturday evening. When we reached the progressive stage, a German dj was on, called dj Jeevan. He didn`t play progressive at all (which was probably not the intention either the first night), but pure psychedelic trance. I recognised a lot of tracks that is released this summer. Mostly the Israeli style of trance, like Psydrop, Melicia and of course Dynamic… Pretty weird to hear a dj set with almost only tracks I have myself in my collection, but we enjoyed it and danced for a while. 24 Hours bus drive made us pretty tired, so I decided to buy some food, eat and go to sleep for a few hours. While I was sleeping, dj Sven Looping played at the progressive stage. At about 05.00 in the morning, I woke up by some really dark banging trance. This was actually Johann Bley (also known as a member of Juno Reactor) and his new project E-Chip. E-Chip has released an album this summer (Stargazer on Jum Jam Records), so if you are after some dark stuff, check it out.

One night rest in my little tent did miracles, and I was really up for a new sunny day at the festival. This morning was really nice, because it wasn`t too hot yet or too cold. Dj Sam Chaishop was playing at the progressive stage. It sounded like some nice morning stuff, but I decided to take a walk around the festival area and take a look at all the little shops etc. I dropped down at the chill out tent and enjoyed dj Saint Janos from Denmark. The chill out tent was really nice and relaxing, but it was a little too close to the progressive stage, since we heard some beats in silent parts of the chill out music. After Saint Janos, dj Jason from Australia played some really varied chill, not only electronic music. Dj Bakke from Sweden played a nice set at the progressive stage after dj Sam Chaishop. There was probably a lot of unreleased Spiral Trax stuff in his set, since he is sort of playing for the label. The rest of the day, I took it really easy, since it got really hot after a few hours in the sun. But the fire engine visited the dancing crowd several times, to cool us down. Phony Orphants from Denmark (just released an album on Iboga Records) played a minimal progressive live set and dj Klangmüller from Austria played some nice progressive stuff too. I spent a lot of time at the chill out stage, listening to a lot of old Infinity Project/Mystery Of The Yeti/Shpongle stuff, played by dj Liese etc from Germany. Everything was just perfect, and I really enjoyed the vibe and everything. In the evening, dj Nin from Thailand played some hard banging music, which I listened to from my tent. Liquid Stranger from Sweden played a really great set at the chill out tent this evening according to my friend Snille, and Antix from New Zealand finished the evening with a live set.

Later in the evening, the psychedelic trance floor finally opened, with some amazing lasers and dj Dimitri Nakov. Voov and Spirit Zone father, Antaro, played a set after that and in the morning Altom from France played a live set. Dj XP Voodoo played a set late on Sunday morning which amazed a lot of people. After that, the Israeli star Ari Linker (Alien Project) went on stage and served his Aztechno live set. I finally got into the circle of loud speakers and got sucked right into the amazing vibe. After his live set, he started on a dj set. I enjoyed it for a while, before I had to go and pack down my tent. Auricular from Germany played a live set at the progressive stage at this moment. It was pretty sad to leave this fantastic festival so early (since the festival lasted to monday), but I had to because of my 24 hours bus journey back to Oslo.

Voov Experience was much better than I expected. Everybody seemed so happy, the vibe was amazing, the weather was perfect, the sound on all three stages was fantastic, the food and drinks were great and the entire festival seemed so free spirited. The line up wasn`t that amazing, but this festival seems to focus more on a bit more un famous names and create a good vibe with djs and artists they know. All the beautiful colours is a story in it self... One of the best festivals I have ever been to, so I`m probably going back next year, but hopefully not by bus….

Review by Benedicte H:
Voov this year was beautiful, I am so happy that I did go. Lucky me did not take the bus as PK and Snille did, but went with the plane to Hamburg and the train from there. And I did not have to leave before the music stopped Monday morning. PK spent more of his time at the chill-out tent and the progressive floor, I preferred the psychedelic floor.

A bit tired after all the travelling were we though, and I didn’t get too engaged in the music played Friday night. I spent more of the time chilling around, and went to bed at sunrise Saturday for a couple of hours sleep, before the sun and the heat would wake me up again.
Waking up early in the morning, listening from the tent to some nice sets at the progressive stage during the day, and by the time Dj Bakke was finishing his set, we headed for the progressive stage. Passing by the chill-out tent on our way, we arrived at the stage when Phony Orphants were finishing their live set. It was very hot, and we found a nice place in the shadow at a chai shop fronting the stage, a perfect place for chilling and enjoying the music when it got too hot for dancing. After Phony Orphants dj Klangmüller from Austria started playing, his set was quite melodic, I really felt he played as his name sounds. After Klangmüller I had my first experience with a thai dj, dj Nin. And that was a very nice experience. He opened his set with a very nice ambient(?) track, and I believe that he must have had three players, since (at least I think I heard) this track going behind in the music, a bit on and off, through all his set. It is surprisingly how much how you feel influence your perception of the music. As much as a bit tired PK felt that this was a hard and banging set (he only heard it from his tent though), I was wakening up and did hear the melodies and thought it was a very nice and funky set he played. It was perfect for the hot and sunny afternoon. After Nin finished, we went back to the tent for a rest before the music was going to start at the main stage later in the evening.

We went to the main stage around the time the music started, and it was really a lot of people there. The main stage was decorated really beautiful this year, and the lazer show was incredible. It was no music at the progressive stage at this time, so it felt like all the people where gatered here. A bit too much for me with all the people, I prefer it at later (at morning hours) when it is not that crowded, so I found a spot a bit at distance to enjoy the music, the deco and the lazers. Dj Dimitri Nakov was playing, quite hard as far as I remember, so after a while I went to have a look at the progressive stage, where this English girl Sally Doolally was playing. I think she played very special, it was like you could hear her English roots. Not in the scence of the English psychedelic stuff like Hallucinogen or others, but more like she was influenced by other English music styles as two step or something. For me it sounded a bit weird, but it looked like people were happy and enjoyed it.

I went back to the psychedelic floor when Antaro started playing. Still it was quite crowded there, so I started out listening to his set from distance just enjoying the amazing visuals. But after a while Antaro got me up and dancing in the sircle of sound, and there I stayed for a long while. After Antaro there was the live set with PA Altom, full on psychadelic, and then it was XP Voodo. Wow, what a set he played. It was a real killer, it was so powerful, psychedelic and funky, and absolutely one of the best I did hear this time. Next was Alien Project with his live set, very nice, and perfect timing. Now it was quite late in the morning, and it was getting hot. At the one side of the stage there was a place where you could danse in a water-shower, and the fire engine came some times to cool us down. After the live set, it was time for me for a small break and a beer, but I was back when Scotty played his set. And not surprisinly, he played a very nice set.

Scotty was last at the psychedelic stage Sunday in the afternoon, and it was a break until dj Rica from Brazil started up in the evening. This Brazilian guy played a nice full-on set, and it was an amazing feeling when he turned up the bass full so you could feel the pressure in the air – really blasting. After him Bamboo Forest played live. It was just so beautiful, this combination of melodic and full on, and in the quiet momens with ten billion green spots made from the lazers, like being in the sky full of stars. Next out was this Thai dj Sabai Sabai, and he really rocked. For a while I just enjoyed him from distance, but no matter how tired I was I just had to go back to the cirkle of sound to listen to him and dance. After Sabai Sabai it was a surprise who was going to play. And it really was, because the surprise didn’t show up and the surprise was that Sabai Sabai continued playing. And then must be when he really started to play good. It is so many that comments this part of the set as some of the best they ever heard. Finally Scotty took over played softly and funky for us the last hour at the dance floor.

Voov is a fantasic party, with a very special and good vibe, and I hope that I will be back many times. See you next year.


Voov-Experience 2003 - lineup:


22:45-23:00 Opening
23:00-02:00 DJ Dimitri Nakov (UK)
02:00-03:00 Live PA Wrecked Machines (Brazil)
03:00-06:00 DJ Antaro (D)
06:00-07:00 Live PA Altöm (Fr)
07:00-10:00 DJ XP Voodoo (Ru)
10:00-11:00 Live PA Alien Project (Isr)
11:00-13:00 DJ Alien Project (Isr)
13:00-14:00 Live PA Mekkanikka (USA)
14:00-17:00 DJ Scotty (D)
20:00-23:00 DJ Rica (Brazil)
23:00-24:00 Live PA Bamboo Forest (Fr)
24:00-03:00 DJ Sabai Sabai (Thailand)
03:00-06:00 Surprise


22:00-23:00 Opening Live Gangagiri (Aus)
23:00-02:00 DJ Jeevan (D)
02:00-05:00 DJ Sven Looping (D)
05:00-06:00 Live E-Chip vs Johann Bley (D)
06:00-09:00 DJ
09:00-12:00 DJ Bakke (S)
12:00-13:00 Live PA Phony Orphants (DK)
13:00-16:00 DJ Klangmüller (At)
16:00-19:00 DJ Nin (Thailand)
19:00-20:00 Live PA Antix (NZ)
24:00-03:00 DJ Sally Doolally (UK)
03:00-06:00 DJ Feio (Brazil)
06:00-09:00 DJ Walter "Tarzan" (D)
09:00-10:00 Live PA Auricular (D)
10:00-13:00 DJ Kai Mathesdorf (D)
13:00-16:00 DJ Miguel (Pt)
16:00-17:00 Live PA Ryan Halifax (D)
17:00-20:00 DJ D-Nox (D)


15:00-18:00 AC (USA)
18:00-21:00 Slater (Cz)
21:00-24:00 Nova (UK)
24:00-01:00 Blacklight Theater Sehstörung (D) "Kognito -Inkognito"
01:00-04:00 Vanja (Mazedonia)
04:00-07:00 Saint Janos (Dk)
07:00-10:00 Janos (Aus)
10:00-13:00 M23 (D)
13:00-16:00 Liese (D)
16:00-19:00 Ian Bates (UK)
19:00-22:00 Liquid Stranger (S)
22:00-01:00 Pandor-X (Be)
01:00-04:00 Lpar & Space Marcos (D)
04:00-07:00 Mikael (Dk)
07:00-10:00 Schlafcola (D)
10:00-13:00 The Well (NL)
13:00-16:00 Ralle Aus Halle (D)
16:00-19:00 Ekanta (Brazil)
19:00-22:00 Nanda (Chile)

So many colours!!!!

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