Activate Morlack "Illegal Remixes"

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Activate Morlack release their first album - Illegal Remixes on Hadshot. (hadcd011)

The french act, Activate Morlack has previously released some tracks on a couple of compilations. This debut album, released on Hadshot Haheizar, proves they have something to add to the flow of psychedelic trance.

From the first track, we are taken on a wild ride, with fat produced sounds and agressive melodic elements. Activate Morlack place themselves somewhere inbetween the hard techno trance of Yumade and Paps, and the more polished trance of 3D Vision.
Twisted sounds makes it all interesting, and this would do well on a dancefloor for sure. It is never boring, and tops itself with tracks like Charas Ultralight (remix), Mission Possible and Bumblebee (a remix of the classic piano piece ?!)

The cover might give a false impression of greyness, do not be fooled and give Activate Morlack a listen!

1. Nagira
2. Mississippi Growling
3. Charas Ultralight
4. Mission Possible
5. Bumble Bee
6. Glande de Loup P.1
7. Snoozy
8. Juracid Park
9. Gimme some more P.1

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