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First Step for Parvati Records

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Guiseppe from Parvati Records sent this:
Hi everybody ! Parvati Records is a new psy/trance record label born in Denmark some months ago. We have started Parvati Records with little budget but big will to try to bring on the scene psychedelic trippy music of which we never have enough !
Thanks to the help of many friends we are now ready with our First Step, a compilation featuring two projects from Dk : Nightshade and Psilo Cowboys together with tracks from some of the hottest party places like Ibiza : Color Drops , Goa: Mic and its side project "in the bush", Byron Bay: Dark Nebula and France with 2 tracks from the makers of psychodelic trance Droidsect and the new comet Neutral Control.
The cd will be in the shops from the 31. 7. Psychedelically yours
Boom !giuseppe, pia and the parvati crew around the world.
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