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The last few years, I have seen a number of good psychedelic trance websites pop up. Nice designs, nice music and a lot of good people !
However, none of these sites have fulfilled my need for some place where I can look every day to see news about the music, the artists, the parties etc..
I wanted to make a site like that. Together with some good friends I now try to present a site like the one I wanted..

Here you will eventually find :

- Music reviews (already some in Norwegian, more english are coming)
- Party reviews
- Picture galleries
- News about releases (to all labels : mail your "press releases" to us if you aren't already doing so)
- Interviews with artists
- Links to MANY good sites (suggest your own links!)

For now enjoy what is here. Site design is under construction, but the content is the main thing !

All comments are welcome, and we're here for you... If you have read this far, and are interested in participating in the project : drop a mail..
We want people from all over the world to participate in this...

Love & Light
denis @

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