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Limboland 3/6-06 presents:

Top level Party flyers

Limboland Presents:

Naked Tourist [Parvati Records - Germany]

Iguana [Parvati Records - Germany]
Ankur [Noise Poison, Mass Abduction - Germany]
Christer [Shiva Space Technology, Mechanik Records]
Raymond [Hatzville]
Samoht [Synatic Torment]

Saturday 3. juni 2006 [from 22:00]
Hausmania [Nedre Hall, Hausmannsgt. 34]
Cc. 100,- [150,- after 24:00]

Det er Musikkens Dag i Oslo, og da må selvfølgelig psytrance være representert. Naked Tourist er et navn som mange nok har fått med seg på den internasjonale psyscenen de siste årene med en rekke gode utgivelser og det nylig utgitte albumet "Mad Different Methods" på Parvati Records i ryggen. Denne kvelden blir det både live og dj-sett fra Naked Touris som gjester norge for første gang.

Mer fintfolk blir det med Ankur fra Noise Poison og Mass Abduction som tar turen fra Berlin for å snurre litt musikk. Raymond, Samoht og Christer varmer opp kvelden, så det er duket for et skikkelig ball på Musikkens Dag i Oslo.

NB!! Det holdes hausparty på Hausmania i den øvre hallen samme kvelden med Misstress Barbara, Nils Noa, Cave og Tron. Ved å betale seg inn på Naked Tourist festen får man automatisk adgang til den andre festen også.

...:: Naked Tourist Biography ::..
Naked Tourist is the project of two sound freax who crashed together in 1999. Martin aka Z-Neo deals with PC, music and midi since 1992. His musical background is based in the Break beat-scene and after completing successfully his education in audio engineering at S.A.E. College FFM, Z-Neo decided to move to Berlin where he met Bjorn aka DJ Iguana who was DJing psychedelic music since 1999.
The guys started to share an apartment and a promising music community: the first track was done and Iguana got the chance to play it on several parties. As the feedback from the audience and different record labels were throughout positive, they realised how big fun was to see the crowd enjoying their work so they decided to continue the story.
They have got some tracks released on different labels and now their first album “Mad Different Methods“, for Parvati Records. They played Naked Tourist live experiences since summer 2004, and booking for 2006 are filling up…
Iguana's DJ style fits to the Parvati sound and his sets are always for the floors during night.

...:: Ankur Biography ::..
Ankur is spinning records under his real name with 50% blood from India, but grew up in West Germany. His first contact with electronic music came with the trance wave back in 1999 through his older brother, and by the end of the year he was hooked and going to most of the parties.
Then he started putting some of his friend’s tracks together with CDJs in 2001, and got into the art of putting music together. One year later he started to do his first gigs behind the mixer at parties in Germany.
A trip to Goa in 2003 changed his direction into the more psychedelic kind of trance music, and therefore rapidly started to play in that direction. Nowadays he is living in Berlin where he is organizing parties together with DJ Raoul (Rapid Eye Movement) and producing in his home studio with various artists from around the globe.
After a fruitful trip to Mexico and the US spring 2006, he will now in the near future release tracks on label such as Shamanfilms, Mass Abduction, Digital Distortion, Geomagnetic and eVil kenivel.


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