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Street Art

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The productive Tribal Vision Records based in the Czech Republic is out with another progressive compilation. As usual compiled by Slater & Schwa, they deliver a track list of well known artists within the progressive trance/house style.

Street Art (Tribal Vision Records) 2005 (TVRCD006)

1. Absolut & Greed The Other Side
2. Rai Lets Dance
3. D-Nox & Beckers Jet Lag Slave
4. Minilogue Spam
5. Sonify Sonifunk
6. SAN & Sebastian Moore Inceptor
7. Sonic Cube Cloud Buster (Andr Absolut Rmx)
8. Flowjob Life Extensions
9. Vibrasphere Manzanilla (Jaa Rmx)

I am always impressed by the artist names these guys has collected for their compilations, and Tribal Vision has for sure become one of the major progressive labels out there. As usual, they give us music that fits well both on a progressive trance floor and a progressive house floor. Crossover for sure. This time, I think it goes more towards progressive house, still in a more interesting way than most progressive house rteleases out there these days. They sure have picked out some of the cream from the progressive area, and put them nice together. Overall, I think most of these tracks keeps a pretty high quality, ranging from the trendy electro influenced house style to more trippy progressive, stumpy stuff. Minilogue, which is the more housy side project of Son Kite, does a good job as usual with a pretty atmospheric track. Nice for sunrise. Another favourite here is the track by Flowjob who delivers a pretty happy, melodic progressive track. This might be too housy for most trance heads, but if you dare to try out some electro influenced house stuff, check it out. SAN & Sebastian Moore delivers the most trippy track here in my opinion. The biggest surprise on this compilation is the remix Jaa has done of a Vibrasphere track. I definatley prefer the original version, but Jaa has done a pretty good job remixing it into his unique style of atmospheric vibes with a housy touch.

I am really impressed by the productivity this label has managed to create in such a short time. After just a year releasing, this label has become one of the most respected progressive labels out there, doing everything in a good, professional way. As usual we get a fat booklet with this release, where we can read about every artist. Not many labels give us this, which is a huge bonus. This compilation goes mostly a little bit too housy for my taste, but it is for sure refreshing with some variation like this, and it made me even more curious about what Tribal Vision will deliver in 2006. This compilation is for those of you who like the crossover between progressive house and trance, so check it out!

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