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Bluetech "Sines And Singularities"

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Aleph Zero Records based in Israel has for sure put themself on the map among the highest quality chill labels lately, with releases such as the second Shulman album, double Bluetech album and the Natural Born Chillers compilation. Now, they are out with a new album by Bluetech (Evan Marc) from the US, who got great feedback after releasing a quite psychedelic double chill album on Aleph Zero in 2004. He has also released music on the respected Waveform label.

Bluetech "Sines And Singularities" (Aleph Zero Records) 2005 (AlephZ04)

Enter The Lovely
2. Condensation
3. Leaving Winter Behind
4. Forgiveness
5. Shulman – First Came The Stars (Bluetech Rmx)
6. Pitch Black – Ape To Angel (Bluetech’s Evolution Rmx)
7. Airstream
8. Dreamtime Lullaby
9. Shimmer
10. Wilderness
11. A Garland Of Stars

Bluetech sure has his own unique way of making psychedelic chill out music. All his tracks has their own Bluetech trademark, with twisted melodies and sounds. He mixes tons of quite flat, weird sounds with atmospheric, floating soundscapes, echoes and vibes. A combination he does in a way that all the weirdness cooks into beautiful, relaxing pieces of music. Like on his first albums, this is what he does here too. You rarely find so much uniqueness in chill tracks these days as you find in these tracks, which is a high quality mark for an artist. If you enjoyed his first albums, you will for sure like this one too. Not much change in style from his previous releases, but he keeps a high quality line all the way through. One of my favourite tracks here is the Leaving Winter Behind track, which you can also find on the Left Coast Liquid compilation released on his own label Native State Records earlier this year. Quite emotional track, with melancholic vibes, totally relaxed all the way through. We get dubby beats and atmospheric vibes in most of these tracks. He also delivers a couple of interesting remixes in this album. One of them originally made by Shulman, released on the first Shulman album Soundscapes And Modern Tales. Here, Bluetech adds his unique style, and change the track into something quite different and interesting. Remixes are nice when it is done like this. He has also remixed a track by Pitch Black, which is a duo from New Zealand,quite famous for their dub albums, such as the Ape To Angel album released this year. Another interesting remix, pretty different from the original. Bluetech puts a lot of creativity in all these tracks, coming up with his own new ideas in most of them, which is something you rarely find in todays ambient/chill productions.

This third full length album by Bluetech is for sure one of the best chill albums I have heard in 2005. He follows the style he had in his previous albums, which is a good thing. Even though some could be hoping for a little bit more new ideas compared to his previous albums, Bluetech still has his own way of producing his own unique style and high quality, combining IDM, psychedelic and atmospheric vibes. Recommended!

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