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Tokyo / Tel Aviv

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Noga Records is a psytrance label based in Japan with strong connections to Israel and Israeli artists. Now they are out with a compilation compiled by DJ Ziki.

Tokyo / Tel Aviv (Noga Records) 2005 (NOGA CD002)

1. Bizzare Contact Vs. Dooper Doopler – System Overload
2. Gataka & Gilix – Take It Easy
3. Freaked Frequency – Sky X
4. Sesto Sento – Spank To Thor (Gataka Rmx)
5. Xerox & Illumination Vs. Chakra – 7 Days (Tokyo Live Mix)
6. Vibe Tribe – Spun (DJ Ziki Rmx)
7. Karmachanic’s (DJ Ziki) – Space Time
8. Intergalactic – Fairies Rain (DJ Ziki Remix)
9. Ultra Voice – Dark Side

First out is a collaboration between Bizzare Contact (Didi Ezra) and Dooper Doopler (Nave Elia), both mostly releasing on Com.Pact Records. Here we get a track with a typical Israeli full on sound. Some kind of jumpy sound that many has started releasing after Sub6. Track 2 is a collaboration between Gataka (Matan Kadosh) who has released two albums on Phonokol, and a quite fresh artist called Gilix (Gilad Aaron). Here we get a really massive, rolling track. Something that might fit quite well for the night. Track 3 is made by a pretty fresh duo called Freaked Frequency (Vlada Zdunic & Milojko Laric). Here we get a very melodic, full on track. Quite intense, but not very deep. Track 4 is a track originally made by Sesto Sento (Matan Kadosh, Itai Spector & Aviram Saharai), but here we get a remix done by Gataka, who is part of the group. This is one of my favourite tracks on this compilation. Pretty cool rhythm drift and some atmospheric sounds. But, we also get some sounds in there that I’m starting to get a quite of.

Track 7 is a track made by Xerox (Moshe Keinan), Illumination (Amir Dvir) and Chakra (Rami Shapira). This track is allready released on several compilations, but here we get a Tokyo Live Mix. A drifting track with a voice sample you have probably heard many times allready. Track 6 is a track by Vibe Tribe (Elmar Ivatarov), but here we get a remix done by the the compiler, DJ Ziki himself. Typical Israeli full on all the way through, but not as fluffy as Vibe Tribe tracks often are. Track 7 is a track DJ Ziki has made all by himself, under the name of Karmachanic’s. Full on, drifting trance that should fit well at night. Track 8 is by Intergalactic (Vik Shefi) who has released an album (The Future) on Noga Records earlier this year, but again we get a remix done by Dj Ziki. Massive full on with a pretty dark soundpicture. The last track on this compilation is a new track by Ultra Voice (Avi Levi). This one goes a little bit too fluffy for my taste, but I like some of those morning vibes in there.

On this compilation you get typical Israeli full on trance from beginning to end. So if you are into Com.Pact style etc. you might check this out.

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