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Super Cozi "Luxury Addict"

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Super Cozi is a girl originally from Japan, now based in Bali, Indonesia, where she enjoys life and make music. She has played as a dj, mostly chill out music for several years allready, including the Samothraki Dance Festival in Greece. She has also released mixed cds on Flying Rhino. Together with her husband Gus Till, she makes music as Zen Lemonade. Check out their album Lemon Soul released on Dragonfly in 2002 to hear their experimental way of doing trance. Now she is out with her solo album called Luxury Addict, which she releases on her own label Hypo=espresso Records.

Super Cozi "Luxury Addict" Hypo=Espresso Record (HECD001)

1. Tokyo Exotica
2. In My Handbag
3. Luxury Addict
4. Amber Cats
5. Bonnie & Clyde 2005 (Gus Till Remix)
6. Vanilla
7. Junk Boots
8. Lost In Seminyak
9. Blue Flamingo
10. Bamboobient

First out is a relaxing sort of intro lasting for about three minutes. Here we get some mystic sounds, jazzy beats and some violin vibes. Track 2 goes a very different direction. Here we get some kind of electro synth pop, with a funky sound and a lot of vocals. So, here you can hear Super Cozi sing. Personally, I donít listen much to synth pop, but this one sounds quite refreshing. Track 3 continues the synth pop style, but with a little bit more electro touch. Very experimental and different from most other music I have heard before. Downtempo, but not so chilled anyway. Track 4 is a downtempo, housey track. Very strange soundpicture, but pretty funny and psychedelic. Track 5 is a remix done by her husband, Gus Till, also known as Slinky Wizard and the other half of Zen Lemonade... Here they continues the synth pop. It starts with a melody that reminds me of my old Kasio keyboard for children, which makes it pretty funny. Sort of sexy, groovy synth pop with a touch of house. Someone whispered in my ear that this is a remix of a track made by a famous French artist called Serge Gainsbourg in the 60's...

Track 6 brings us into a more relaxed mood. Here we get some slow, heavy, dubbby beats and jazzy sounds. One of my favourite tracks on this album. Relaxing with a floating vibe. Nice one. Track 7 brings us more electro influences again. Pretty funky music for those who wants something new and experimental. We also get some vocals here, without going over the top/pop. Pretty chilled, relaxing track. In track 8 we get more dubby beats, here with a mystic, almost scary soundpicture. Track 9 is another experimental dub track. Heavy bass, some flute and twisted vocal samples. Groovy, relaxed, spaced out dub. The last track on this album is also my favourite. A really nice, floating ambient track, with a nice, mystic vibe and pleasant sounds. Still going quite experimental, but in a beautiful way.

Super Cozi sure doesnít follow others pattern with this album. Here we get experimental, electronic music from beginning to end. Itís hard to categorize her music, but you will find everything from synth pop to ambient dub on this album.

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